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IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management

Provides business owners, managers and IT administrators with a single web-based dashboard to manage all mobile devices and endpoints in the company. Offering complete control, including device enrollment, configuration, security policy management, and device actions, such as send a message, locate, lock, and wipe. The advanced mobility device management features include automated compliance rules, bring your own device (BYOD) privacy settings without jeopardizing end-user privacy, and mobility intelligence dashboards, and reporting.

The core Mobile device management software manages the following operating systems usually out of the scope of IT operations:

Apple iOS: Mobile Device Management for Apple iOS uses an agent that interfaces with Apple Mobile Device Management API and the Apple Push Notification Service to provide management, security, and reporting capabilities for devices that run Apple iOS 4, or later.

Android: Mobile Device Management for Android uses an agent that interfaces with the Android Mobile Device Management API framework to provide management, security, and reporting for Android devices that run Version 2.2, or later. Also, supports the mobility device management API frameworks of Android OEM manufacturers, such as Samsung SAFE, Amazon Kindle Fire, LG Gate, and Motorola electronic dance music.

Microsoft Windows Phone: Mobile Device Management for Microsoft Windows Phone uses an agent that interfaces with Microsoft Push Notification Services and Microsoft ActiveSync to provide management, security, and reporting for devices that run Version 7.5, or later, of Microsoft Windows Phone.

BlackBerry Research in Motion (RIM): Mobile Device Management for BlackBerry uses an agent that interfaces with BlackBerry Push Notification Services and the BlackBerry Internet Service to provide management, security, and reporting for Java -based BlackBerry devices that run Version 5.0, or later.

IBM Cloud Extender: Cloud Extender is included with Mobile Device Management subscriptions and provides the ability to securely integrate with enterprise systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Active Directory, LDAP, IBM Notes(R) Traveler, and certificate authorities.

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