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About Us

Wireless Guardians is a Sprint and Verizon Wireless Authorized Agent. We team up with your office management and IT administrators to help make better buying decisions while ordering, upgrading and replacing mobile phones. 80% of companies have a track record of overspending on their wireless service costs that we help prevent.

Expert Billing Analysis: we review your rate plan to determine if you are getting the best value your wireless carrier has to offer and make cost saving recommendations.

Order Upgrades: we waive upgrade fees for most orders, offer special equipment pricing and offer discounts for multiple line orders.

Add-A-Line Orders: we provide low-cost equipment, and special credit offers to offset mobile device costs and taxes.

Business Apps: we advise you on the portfolio of Sprint and Verizon Wireless applications that are specific to your industry to increase revenues and decrease operational costs.

Employee Discounts: we provide a dedicated POC (point of contact) for your BYOD Employees (customers who use their own devices at work) to take advantage of employee discounts included with your mobility agreement.

How We Got Started

It all began in 2006 when Rod Lowery departed Nextel Communications after ten successful years in sales. Rod was chosen as a preferred BlackBerry partner tasked with marketing their products nationwide.

The company quickly grew to over one million customers and served as a hub for many large enterprise organizations to source, and replace BlackBerry devices, order accessories, and technical support services.

For ten years Rod and his team worked with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide.

With the rise of Apple and Android mobile devices in business, Rod realigned company partnerships with Sprint, Verizon, and IBM and several other technology partners to advance his offering of mobile device services to his customers.

Today, Wireless Guardians helps enterprise organizations of all sizes. Companies who require skilled experts in mobility management to work in tandem with their office management and IT leaders to support their growing number of mobile devices.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) service provider


Wireless Guardians

Our Ideal Customer

Having worked for top wireless carriers in the industry like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, our team draws from its decades of mobility experience to serve its clients.

Our long-standing partnerships with select technology providers like Sprint, Verizon, and IBM along with our proprietary help desk process in managing mobile devices offer an attractive answer to companies with a large number of mobile phones looking for expert advice and an easier way to respond to the day-to-day issues of managing mobile devices.

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