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80% of companies overspend on their wireless services.

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Our clients typically save 18% to 32% off of their monthly wireless bill.

Wireless Guardians is a Sprint and Verizon Wireless Authorized Agent. We team up with your office management and IT administrators to help make better buying decisions while ordering, upgrading and replacing mobile phones.

You can book a one-time appointment to order, upgrade or replace mobile phones. Or you can retain our monthly services in order to better manage your growing number of mobile devices.

How We Help

Expert Billing Analysis


We review your rate plan to determine if you are getting the best value your wireless carrier has to offer and make cost saving recommendations.

Order Upgrades


We waive upgrade fees for most orders, offer special equipment pricing and offer discounts for multiple line orders.

Add-A-Line Orders


We provide low-cost equipment, and special credit offers to offset mobile device costs and taxes.

Timeslot bookings are taken up to 1 week in advance.

Strategic Planning

We help develop a comprehensive mobile device strategy.


Technology Assessment

Assessing your wireless and data portfolio, we develop detailed documentation of current devices within your workforce, then align your products and services with the future direction of your business.


Wireless Policy Development

Expect trusted, unbiased mobility advice, dedication to solving your specific client problems.

Mobile Applications

We understand your industry needs and restrictions entirely before we offer our enterprise mobility services tailored to your needs.


Cost Containment

Most businesses do not realize that they are significantly overpaying for their wireless communication services. We simplify that.


Equipment Maintenance and Management

We activate new, upgrade and replace lost, stolen and broken mobile devices. If your phone, tablet, or other wireless device isn’t working, we‘ll help you fix or replace it. We activate new lines and upgrade devices on business accounts wherever Verizon services are available.

Rod Lowery

Rod Lowery

Client Manager

At Wireless Guardians, we know your wireless provider’s marketing and sales tactics because for decades we worked for them. We built their programs and trained their sales reps how to sell their services to companies like yours. 

Choose Your Package


  • Order Upgrades
  • Order New Devices
  • Switch Carriers
  • Apply Corporate Discounts if applicable when ordering
  • Apply Special Offers if applicable when ordering


(Minimum 10 BUSINESS lines)
$6/ user/ month
  • Everything in 12 HOUR PREPAY
  • Mobility Device Management Portal (IBM MaaS360). learn more
  • Handle billing issues directly with your wireless carrier
  • Mobility Security Assessment and Policy Consulting

Our clients love us so much

See what they’re saying.

Paying our office manager by the hour to handle mobile phone problems is a waste of resources and money in my opinion. Supplying us with a site to upgrade and manage our mobile phones has taken the pressure off our office manager.

Mike P

Powerco Drywall Systems, West Washington

Thanks for finding items we were paying for on our bill and not using. We needed a reliable analysis. Also, bulk texting all of our mobile phones, requesting a reply was a helpful way to find phones that were not in use.

Wade C

Salvage GM Parts Of South Georgia, Georgia

I am delighted that we reduced our rate plans from unlimited. Paying for 80gb of data and removing the ability for techs to access certain apps like Netflix on the job is saving us $23,000 a year.

Corinne F

Salinas Windustrial, South Bay, CA

Got questions about your Mobile Devices?

If your question isn’t answered in our F.A.Q. below please schedule a call.

How do I upgrade my smartphone?
To upgrade schedule a call with a specialist to review your bill and eligible promotions and apply corporate discounts if applicable. Your smartphone, tablet or computer order will be placed with Wireless Guardians and shipped from Verizon Wireless warehouses. We’ll show you why you should keep your plan or change your plan during the upgrade.
How do I switch carriers?
To switch carriers, we verify the coverage in your area is excellent then we review your old carriers bill and note any deactivation fees or penalties. Moving five or more lines to Verizon qualifies for a $150 port-in credit per line plus a corporate discount.
How much of my time does it take to find savings?
Our work is non-intrusive and streamlined, the majority of work occurs at our offices for billing error detection. Once the savings recommendations are in place. Most of our customers usually have less than two hours invested with us, including our initial meeting. In other words, our bill review process is quick and accurate.
What do you need from us to begin your cost analysis?
The rate plan optimization analysis is performed over a three-month period. We require the last three months of your wireless bills from your wireless provider in PDF format.
How much in savings do you usually find?
We have reduced our client’s wireless expenses by as little as zero percent and as much as seventy percent, but our historical average is between 18% and 32%.
Where can I find my tracking number?
After your order leaves the Verizon warehouse, a confirmation email with a tracking number is sent to the email address on your shipping order.
What should I do if I don't get my order by the expected delivery date?
Contact us. We will send you the tracking number, and you will need to contact FedEx or UPS directly if your order doesn’t arrive by the scheduled delivery date. Lost deliveries are very uncommon. Deliveries, however rare can be delayed depending on weather and other conditions.
How do I track my shipment?

You can track your order by the confirmation email sent 24 hours after placing your order.
To track a shipment:
Tap the tracking number link in the confirmation email to track your shipment.

What is return policy?
If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product with the original sales receipt within the return period specified in Verizon’s Return Policy. A restocking fee may apply.
Where can I see an invoice for my order?
You can your find your order invoices on the My Orders page in your Verizon account online.
How do I check the status of my order?
Once you place your order with Wireless Guardians, you’ll receive an email confirming that the order shipped. This email includes the order tracking number and an expected delivery date.
How do I add a new device?
To activate a new device, schedule a call with a specialist to review your bill and eligible promotions and apply corporate discounts if applicable. Your smartphone, tablet or computer order will be placed with Wireless Guardians and shipped from Verizon Wireless warehouses. We’ll explain to you why you should keep your plan or change your plan when you add a new mobile device to your wireless account.
How long does the initial cost analysis typically take?
Our initial bill review process usually takes anywhere from one day to two weeks depending on the number of mobile devices in your orgainzation and the complexity of your wireless invoice(s) and a number of mobile devices in your organization.
I am under contract, and I owe thousands of dollars in mobile equipment costs with my current wireless provider.
That’s not a problem. Almost all of our clients’ do. There are numerous ways to reduce wireless expenses without being asked to leave your current wireless provider.
If we already review our wireless bill on a regular basis, can you still help us?
Yes. Many of our customers have already tried to find ways to reduce their wireless bill. Even with their in-house efforts, we continue to find savings for over 90% of our customers.
What shipping choices are available and how are shipping charges calculated?
Standard shipping is free. Usually 2-4 business days. Next business day shipping is available for under $15.00 billed to your Verizon account.
Can I modify my shipping address after I place my order?

Within thirty minutes after placing your order, if your package hasn’t already been sent out, contact us immediately with the correct shipping address and our Deployment Center will update your shipping information.
After thirty minutes of placing your order, unfortunately, no you cannot change your shipping address. To modify the address, we must cancel your order and submit a new order with the proper address.

Can I have my shipment sent to a PO Box?
No. We can only deliver to street addresses.
Can I pick up my order at a Verizon Wireless store?
No. We ship your order directly to the street address provided by you on your order. Once you receive your new device(s), turn the device on and the phone will automatically update and activate. If you have issues, contact us immediately and we will be happy to resolve the issue.


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